Sun Earth Energy’s 'concept' lie somewhere between a Government Advisory Body and a Commercial Enterprise. We are in the business of influencing and changing African/Asian/European and other Global Governmental 'Energy Policy' in its widest and truest sense:

  • Energy means: Solar, Wind, Wave, Geo-Thermal, Osmotic, Bio Mass (Waste streams and Sewage) and Bio Fuels etc etc: Alternative Energy.
  • It also means Oil, Gas and Coal – The traditional Energy Products based on Fossilised Carbon. With Compressed/Liquified Natural Gas (LNG or CNG) and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) as "cleaner" alternatives for intemadiate transport fuels

This influence needs to cover two concepts:

                That Alternative Energy as far as Africa/Asia is concerned is a viable and competitive alternative to fossil fuels

                The fossil fuels should not be burnt to generate electricity in the long term:

These two pillars are further expanded when we recommend that current fossil fuel reserves should be looked upon for export to generate valuable foreign earnings, and that additionally internal distribution of LPG/CNG is used to displace petrol and charcoal for vehicles and cooking respectively. This is more ecologically sound.

Furthermore the building of commercial scale alternative energy projects is our primary goal. This needs popular and institutional support and influence. Alternative energy and zero carbon technologies are to be greatly expanded, initially by inward investment by Sun Earth Energy Ltd.

An opportunity has arisen to build a substantial commercially orientated energy business in Africa that would generate electricity and other energy from renewable sources, especially solar thermal and to additionally export “displaced” natural gas and its derivatives via tanker to Europe.

Waste products and improving energy efficiency in existing or proposed power stations. In addition drinking water would be produced as a by-product of our processes which would be used to benefit local and regional communities.

Whilst profits will be one measure of success, we fully intend to work with Governments for work/employment creation and internal training as part of our strategy. Collaborative projects, working with local communities will be far easier that acting in an Imperial manner.

All five directors have many years business experience with separate skills based on energy, the environment and project management