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Zimbabwe cholera outbreak snapshot 12Oct2018 def Page 1Feasibility Studies to determine the scope and extent of replacing existing sewage and water infrastructure in Harare, Zimbabwe, So as to allieviate the outbreaks of Cholera and Typhoid which occur too regularly.

Scoping Doc Harare Zimbabwe

Sun Earth Energy Ltd as preliminary project managers - 

Public Health Based Initiative – Based on Waste Collection, Sewage Systems and indirectly Water Supply

Based on the principles stated in the IWA [International Water Association] Wastewater Report 2018


Re-engineering of Harare Sewage Works, Sewage delivery infrastructures and refuse collection, to mitigate against pollution of water wells and the re-emergence of Cholera and Typhoid[1].




[1] There is a direct link with sewage issues and Typhoid/Cholera

Correlational Analysis of Sewage Disposal Methods and Incidence Rates of Typhoid Fever and Cholera in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria click this link to see the full study.


[3] ditto